Alongside the Energetic Healing, the Music Therapy offers a significant well-being experience - which can go as far as healing - thanks to the vibrations and frequencies generated by the instruments.


Sound as medicine?

If the concept can challenge people who do not know this approach, using sound - played or sung - in a therapeutic context, not to say metaphysical or mystical, is a practice that has always accompanied humanity.

To name just a few examples:

  • Yikadi, better known as didgeridoo, has been used as a healing tool by the Aboriginal people for millennia.
  • In ancient Egypt, priests sang using vowels in a specific order, played ultrasound-generating instruments like Sistra, and used the skilfully studied acoustics of temples to amplify the sound of ceremonies.
  • The mathematician Pythagoras, discoverer of the laws of harmony on which all modern music rests, considered that "music has an ethical and medical value". A music which, by means of certain melodies and rhythms, produced healings in the character traits and passions of men, brought harmony between the faculties of the soul. It was to calm the psyche, anger and aggression.
  • Icaros of traditional healers in South America are songs that accompany healing ceremonies based on entheogenic substances, carrying frequency keys to interact with the healing energy of the Earth (Pachamama).
  • The ritual chants and drums used by North Asia shamans and Africa and America traditional healers, plunge the participants into altered states of consciousness that, in addition to the mystical experience, allow to connect with the healing spiritual energies.
  • The Indian temples built in the rock and whose prayers room has a gong recessed into the ceiling, diffuse deep harmonies and vibrations through the prayers and mantras, even if they take place outside the room.
  • The singing gongs and bowls used by the Tibetan monks, once resonated, produce frequencies conducive to introspection, meditation and health improvement.

Thus, sound and music - which are vibrations and frequencies, and therefore energy - have this admirable ability to bring... harmony into our lives.


Relaxation... Meditation... Letting go... Pleasure...

Depending on the type of Music Therapy session and the sensitivity of each person, sounds and music serve as a guide to meditate, relax tension, introspect, refocus, rebalance, anchor, soothe, de-stress, travel ...

The sessions mix instruments with different sounds, in turn deep or air, resulting in original acoustic pieces focused on well-being and inviting to the inner journey and to the reconnection with our Being.

Thus, the frequencies and vibrations generated by instruments such as the gong and the singing bowls come into resonance with all our bodies, both physical and subtle, for a result that may surprise the most skeptical.


How is a Music Therapy session?

Music Therapy sessions are held at the office and last between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the session chosen. You will find the details of the sessions at the bottom of the page.

Sessions may be public, private or booked by a group, at your convenience.

Healing Session

  • 1 hour session
  • Gong, bells and singing bowls
  • No other kind of sound/voice
  • Focused on wellness, healing, meditation

Pachamama Session

  • 1:30 hour session
  • Shamanic songs from all over the world (recorded)
  • Gong, ceremony drum, singing bowls and more...
  • Electronic sounds: floating pads, drone...
  • Focused on relaxation and the inner journey

Journey Session

  • 1:30 hour session
  • Gong, ceremony drum, singing bowls and more...
  • Electronic sounds: Berlin School, Drone, Space...
  • Focused on the musical experience and inner journey