With the growing popularity of energetic medicines offering a holistic approach to wellness and health, the term "energy" has now entered the mainstream vocabulary.

However, since everyone has their own definition of the term, based on their beliefs, knowledge and experiences, I will quickly explain what is my own personal vision of the Energetic Healing.

What is the Energy ?

Energy is "simply" everything that exists in the universe, present in many aspects, from the most dense to the most subtle. The physical body is one of the forms, among others, that characterize us as human.

Eastern traditions explain that in addition to the physical body, we are also made up of several other subtle, invisible and interconnected bodies, each with a specific function. It is about the etheric body (chakras), astral (emotional intelligence, feelings), mental (thoughts, reasonings, ideas) and causal (spirituality, connection to the Divine).

To adopt a holistic approach is to consider that health - whether physical, psychological or emotional - is correlated with the state of all these bodies: the physical body acts on the subtle, the subtle acts on the physical.

Thus, an Energetic Healing intervenes simultaneously on all the bodies in order to obtain a notable and lasting improvement of the state of health.

What to expect from an Energetic Healing?

By nature, an Energetic Healing has the capacity to act physically, psychologically and emotionally, more or less quickly depending on the pathology and receptivity of each.

However, if the person does not notice any noticeable improvement in his condition after a few sessions, it is best not to continue the care. I will then try to steer him towards other therapies.

It is important to understand that beyond the care, an Energetic Healing is also intended to help the person become aware of a potential existential message underlying his condition. A case that is very often true. Hearing this message is then essential to understand the origin of the pathology and not to summarize the care to the temporary relief of the symptoms.

How does an Energetic Healing session take place?

I receive people in individual appointments in my office or by Skype, since my capacity also works remotely.

The Energetic Healing can also be done on animals.

An appointment lasts about an hour.


In case of a Skype appointment, plan a quiet place where you can lie after our preliminary interview. Remember to turn off the mobile phone and organize yourself to not be disturbed for the next hour.

Are there any contraindications?

No, there is no contraindication to receive an Energetic Healing as no physical manipulation is performed nor medication prescribed.


The Energetic Healing should not be a substitute for allopathic treatment. If you are undergoing medical treatment, consult your doctor before making any decision about it.