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Dear All.

Thanks to a natural capacity - or "gift" - I provide Energetic Healing and Music Therapy sessions that act - according to individual needs - on the physical, psychological and emotional levels.

These cares rely on a spiritual and holistic approach of Life, where energy, vibrations and frequencies are the key to improve our health and wellness.

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About me

I am Stéphane Hebert, French, a former specialized journalist for 25 years.

I provide Energetic Healing since years, thanks to a natural “gift” - or « capacity » - that appeared after a serious motorcycle accident in 1995.

This event was the starting point of a new vision of the existence that, years after years, journeys after journeys, experiences after experiences, allowed me to open my heart to a more subtle reality and consciousness.

Thus, the care that I propose does not rest on any taught discipline, which means that my practice is totally intuitive and does not involve any physical manipulation or contact with the body. In simple terms, I am a channel who transmits a curative Energy acting directly on the issues of the person.

More generally, I adopt a holistic approach of the life, considering the importance of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects in whatever situation that occurs in our existences.

My belief is that the Energy - beyond a precise definition and often specific to the vision that everyone has on the world - consists of a vital and intelligent principle that animates each one of us, and with which it is possible to interact to relieve, exceed, even sublimate our problems.

These subtle processes, accompanied by a righteous intention and posited with the heart, offer a wonderful way to intervene positively on our inner and outer worlds and thus, help us to move more serenely on our path of life.

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